Library Vintages of Giacomo Borgogno


Giacomo Borgogno e Figli can best be described as a jewel nestled in the heartland of the noble Barolo district. It’s historic cellars wind through the heart of the this small town, and its vineyards punctuate the very core of the classic growing area.   If Borgogno is a jewel, though, perhaps it is best to consider it a diamond in the rough. In an age when many producers have dramatically changed the style of Barolo to make it so modern as to be unrecognizable to its followers, this historic house steadfastly maintains the traditional style that made Barolo noble in the first place, while addressing today’s concerns for more forward fruit and clean wines.   Meticulous care in the vineyards and hygiene in the winery combine with traditional vinification methods to produce wines of outstanding character and exceptional balance.

The GIACOMO BORGOGNO & FIGLI was officially started in 1848, even if, according to documents and private deeds, the real beginning dates back to 1761. The Houses had a very limited size, but the high quality of its products made its name more and more widely known and appreciated. The proof was that its BAROLO was chosen on different important official occasions, among which the following ones are worth remembering: the celebrations for the unity of Italy in 1867 and the banquet in honor of Czar Nicholas II of Russia during his visit to the Castle of Racconigi at the beginning of the century (at present there are still three of such bottles in existence). A visit to this historic estate is like stepping back in time, as the winery is a monument of sorts to traditional winemaking. The winery preserves many antique tools related to viticulture and winemaking as well as an extensive library of older bottles. From time to time, the estate re-releases wines from its library. These bottles are reconditioned; the wines are decanted, sediment is removed, and the bottles are re-corked with new corks. These bottles appear much more youthful, cleaner and purer than bottles that have been cellared since release.

Here at WPW we have the rare privilege to offer these gems to you, straight from the winery.  The quantities are small so act now and place your order today!

Barolo Ris Borgogno G 1947

 Check out the special 6 bottle pricing:

1947- $325btl or $1740 for 6btls

1961- $265btl or $1140 for 6btls

1967- $245btl or $1080 for 6btls

1978- $225 or $990 for 6btls

1985- $215 or 930 for 6btls

1988- $220 or $900 for 6btls

Mark Lasky

Italian Wine Specialist

West Palm Wines



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