Brunello keeps getting better!


2004 produced some incredible wines and now the 2004 Riservas are arriving in the market.  I can hardly wait!  When I tasted these wines from barrel just before bottling while in Montalcino, I just knew they were destined to be nothing short of fantastic.  And, they have put on considerable weight while in bottle and are tasting even better.  I have a select few of my personal favorites and one of them is from Ciacci Piccolomini.

  The history of the winery begins in Castelnuovo dell’ Abate, a small mediaeval village 8 miles from the town square of Montalcino. In 1672 Fabivs de’ Vecchis Bishop and Abbott of S. Antimo Abbey made the Palazzo his official residence.   Later, the Palazzo and surrounding property were purchased by the Ciacci Family. In the XIX Century Elda Ciacci married Count Alberto Piccolomini d’ Aragona, a direct descendent of Enea Silvio Piccolomini (Pope Pius II) and the history of the noble family began.

   The Riserva from Ciacci is the Santa Caterina d’Oro, a single vineyard that is truly profound in 2004.  Those of you who were lucky enough to try the 2001, which was utterly astounding, will be even more impressed with this current release. 


A small amount has been allocated to WPW and, as always, we have the best price online.  So do not delay, order now!

 2004 Ciacci Piccolomini d Aragona Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Santa Caterina d’Oro- $108.00btl or $540.00 per six pack (only six are available)

If you remember last year when Montalcino was at the center of controversy surronding the authenticity of wines produced as Brunello, you know that the wine must be 100% Sangiovese Grosso.  A few wineries were under investigation for adding other varietals to their wines and shippments were held up in customs.  Some producers took a stand and wanted to assure eveyone that they were in compliance with the laws and their wines were what they say they were and also not counterfeit.  Ciacci did just that by using the new CertiLogo system.  This system allows you to check the wines authenticity, quality and product origin by either the CertiLogo website or by calling them directly which in both cases you type in a code found on each bottle and instantly receive valuable information on the wine you purchased.  Check out this video of Paolo Bianchini, owner of Ciacci Piccolomini, describing the CertiLogo system.  Beware, you should brush up on your Italian first, LOL! directly and atch?v=OD9a0_Ii4sc&feature=player_embedded

Mark Lasky

Italian Wine  Specialist


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